Do Dreams Really Come True?

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Writing
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While a couple of agents and a couple of editors take thier time reading (or getting around to reading) the full manuscript each requested of my daughter’s and my middle grade novel, The Last Princess, I have had plenty of time to contemplate and dream.  This whole journey began when I finally made a decision I had been contemplating for several years — whether to completely rewrite my first novel (which I quite like but is deeply flawed), or start fresh with a new novel.  When the idea for The Last Princess occurred to me, the coin finally landed on tails and we embarked on a new novel.

A big part of that decision was the work of our favorite author, whose middle grade series (featuring a young girl and fairy tale characters) my daughter and I both had read many times.  We used these books as a model for our own, giving us a solid example of a tone and voice and pacing that worked very well.  We have always credited this author with being the inspiration or push that drove us to write our current book, the first in our own series (we expect).

So I had always planned to submit a query for this book to that author’s agent, whom we’ve always placed in the unenviable position of being our “dream agent.”  But you rarely ever get a second chance with an agent, so I was reluctant to submit until I was certain our query and first pages were perfect.  This recent swell of enthusiasm for our book from agents and editors gave me the confidence to finally submit to our dream agent.

But what good could come from it, really?  The others had already had our full manuscript for many weeks — several months in some cases — and at least one had made noises to the effect that she wanted to set up a time to discuss her notes.  By the time our dream agent got around to our query, and if the impossible happened and they got through a partial and actually wanted to read our book, it might be all over.

Nevertheless, last Tuesday I personalized our query letter, pasted in our first ten pages, and hit send. “Nothing ventured, no pain,” I think is how the expression goes.

On Wednesday, we received a reply thanking us for sending the query.  And asking would we please send the full manuscript.  Yes, fewer than twelve hours after I had sent the query, we received a request for a full from our dream agent.

Did you ever forget how to breathe?

  1. Congrats, John! When do we get to read your book? Or at least the first chapter? 🙂

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