Stray Sod

Posted: February 10, 2016 in Writing
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I’m going to share with you the results of some of my research into sixteenth century Ireland and the time of the fae.  Because in our second book, the heroes of our first book end up there. One of my beta readers brought this gem to my attention, and I need to share it with the world.

First of all, what is a “stray sod?”  Well, according to wikipedia:

A stray sod is a clump of grass enchanted by faeries. If a person steps on one, they will become disorientated and lost, even in familiar surroundings. Wearing an item of clothing inside-out breaks the enchantment, allowing the person to find their way again. The concept and phrase appear to originate in ancient Celtic mythology, specifically Irish folklore.

To elaborate, a stray sod is a portal the faerie realm.  And in The Last Faerie Godmother, Cat and Rose are going to encounter them. In fact, they will play a major role in our third book (tentatively called The Last Faerie Tale). It will turn out that nymphs have the ability to create them, and Cat will learn how to do it while she’s stuck in the past.  So when she comes home she will be the only one who can open a portal to the faerie realm, which everyone thought was lost forever.  And it will be full of fae.  Who want to escape to our world….

However we haven’t gotten that far yet.

But good news, everybody! Author and artist Chelsea Crutchley has been quietly producing a web comic called Stray Sod for years, and you can enjoy this delightful story-in-progress right here. (This link will take you to the most recent page of issue #3.  However if you click on the “<<First” link right above the artwork, it will take you to the beginning.)  You can read the whole thing right on your computer, or better yet, purchase a printed copy from her store.  You won’t regret it; Stray Sod is beautifully written and drawn.

I was delighted by the similarities between Stray Sod and The Last Princess — a young girl who plays fast and loose with the rules and has hair she hates, who discovers there are fae hiding in our world and she has a special power regarding them.  Here’s a tiny taste of what you will find:


Chelsea is a fellow member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), and you can follow her on Twitter at @miserbale. I urge you to do so, because she always tweets when a new page of Stray Sod is available, and there could be a new one any day, now. 

This is especially important for me, because each new page inspires new ideas for my daughter’s and my books. And for this we will be forever grateful to Chelsea. In fact, we reached out to Chelsea and she gave us tons of wonderful information about the fae in Ireland.  You can see some of what she shared with us on her site by clicking on “The Fae” link.

Let me know what you think of Stray Sod.  Better yet, let Chelsea know!  And support her by buying a copy, which I’m sure you will treasure as much as I do.

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