Posted: November 9, 2016 in Writing


This is a blog about writing children’s books, and I have always tried to keep it appropriate for all audiences. I have no plans to discuss politics, unless somehow politics affects how we write children’s books, and as far as I know that hasn’t happened.

However, it feels like we are living in a new world this morning, and there is a great deal of talk about “coming to grips with our new reality.” In that vein, I had one thought that pertains to writing children’s books, and in particular about my daughter and I writing our children’s book.

The theme of THE LAST PRINCESS has always been the struggle of a young woman to become the leader her people, but faced with a ruthless, powerful goblin prince of a rival who will stop at nothing to win and who threatens her loved-ones if she gets in his way. It occurs to me that there may be a huge market for this kind of thing, now. I imagine mothers all over the country might want to purchase such a book for their daughters.

Because in THE LAST PRINCESS, the girl wins.

  1. seabreeze says:

    tHINK YOU ARE RIGHT. But, as the editors say( and I am not an editor) there’s got to be something very special about your book. Realistically, a lot of people will try the same idea so maybe good to get it out fast.

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    • Just revising the finished manuscript at the moment. However agents typically close to unsolicited queries in December, and spend January catching up, so it doesn’t usually pay to query again until February, by which time I should have this book polished and ready. You’re right, of course, but it’s unlikely many others will have a finished, polished manuscript ready to go in the next few months if they haven’t already done most of the work.


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