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Posted: December 15, 2016 in Writing
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Writers write — they don’t let little things like lifestyle get in their way.

I work seven days a week and have a family, including three kids, two cats and a wife. When the family is awake I’m not writing, and sometimes I don’t get home from work until 11:00 pm. So how did I manage to write a whole novel in under two years? When do I write?

Whenever.  I developed the same habit old soldiers develop around sleep — any time you can catch a few winks.*

Most of the time I do my writing between 11pm and 1am.  But I often try to write on my lunch hour at work.  I’ve made Dropbox an invaluable part of my writing arsenal, because I can access my WIP from any device at any time, and always be sure I have the very latest draft.  Autosave is a huge timesaver. Microsoft made Word available as a free download for smartphones, and you don’t even need a 365 subscription to use it, so I can open and edit the same Word documents as those I access on my office PC.

I discovered a whole chunk of unused time, however, and recently took steps to remedy that. My second job is retail, and when I work on the weekends I get a half-hour lunch and one or two 15 minute breaks, but I don’t have a PC at my disposal.  When I work in the evenings, I just get one break.  However trying to write using the on-screen keyboard on my iPhone is not particularly efficient.

So for my birthday I treated myself to an iWerkz folding bluetooth keyboard.  It only cost $30 on Amazon.img_1089

The notch you see in the case holds a iPad at a convenient angle, and there is a little pull-out tab on the case which holds my iPhone in landscape mode (as above). And the best part is that I can easily carry this in my back pocket on the sales floor, so when I get a break I don’t need to waste any time running to my locker.  I can grab a beverage and be writing in 2 minutes.  My laptop takes longer than that to boot up.

I may not get a lot of writing done in 15 minutes, but I get some done.  Mostly I use this time to review what I wrote last and polish it. Best of all, I keep the story fresh in my mind between bursts of writing.

So if you find yourself using lack of time as an excuse to not write, here’s your opportunity to give that excuse up.




*Unfortunately, I developed the same habit around snacking.

  1. derricodenise says:

    Great idea! You’re so inspiring!


  2. D.S. Ritter says:

    Which app do you use for word processing on your iPhone? I haven’t found one I like yet. Also, did it take you a minute to get used to a split keyboard, or does it feel pretty natural?

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    • D.S., I use MS Word. It’s free and feature-packed, and has special features just for iPhone users that let you re-flow the text so you can work with it and not waste valuable screen space with margins and page breaks, etc. You can sign up for a free Microsoft account on the Microsoft website, and use that to log into your MS apps (I also use One Note extensively). All of the MS apps integrate seamlessly with Dropbox, so I can pick up where I left off at home, on my work PC or on my iPad.

      It took me about 5 minutes to get used to the split The question mark and delete buttons are not where I usually expect them, but I adapted pretty quickly. Your mileage may vary.

      Good luck!


  3. Bobbie says:

    Well, that is just so cool! Thanks for the tip. And let’s here it for Dropbox! I don’t know what I’d do without it. Your devotion to scratching out time at every opportunity is admirable. I think feel like I don’t have the time, but I really do.

    Hope the rewrite is progressing well.

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