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John Berkowitz is a husband and father of three who thinks he can squeeze in a writing career between family, two jobs, fighting digital bad guys with his 10-year-old son, doing the dishes, and sleep.  Follow along on a quest every bit as magical and fraught with peril as those he writes about in his middle grade novels, Princess Material and Actually Ever After.

redhead woman with leaves and branches

You can reach john at @John_Berkowitz or john_r_berkowitz@yahoo.com.

  1. terzahcain says:

    Genius idea! Besides fulfilling a dream to write and be published (I’m assuming), what a gift to have something you and your daughter created always! Way to go! I hope your effort inspires other Dads.


  2. Snap! I’m also a father of three who thinks he can squeeze in writing between everything else. My five- year-old prefers trains to battleships, but apart from that … Good luck anyway, and I’ll enjoy reading your blog.


  3. Gary G says:

    Mr. B, did you spend any time in Tustin, CA in your youth?


    • I did, Mr. G. Did you spend any time in the South Pacific in your youth?


      • Gary G says:

        Funny you should ask. I happen to have a photo of some South Pacific sailors I’d love to share. Couldn’t figure out how to imbed here, but you can reach me at gginsf (at) Yahoo.com. Love your blog!


  4. elina castro says:

    Great blog, John. Grateful for your tips on Editorial services.
    Elina – aka Tango

    Liked by 1 person

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