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This is a blog about writing children’s books, and I have always tried to keep it appropriate for all audiences. I have no plans to discuss politics, unless somehow politics affects how we write children’s books, and as far as I know that hasn’t happened.

However, it feels like we are living in a new world this morning, and there is a great deal of talk about “coming to grips with our new reality.” In that vein, I had one thought that pertains to writing children’s books, and in particular about my daughter and I writing our children’s book.

The theme of THE LAST PRINCESS has always been the struggle of a young woman to become the leader her people, but faced with a ruthless, powerful goblin prince of a rival who will stop at nothing to win and who threatens her loved-ones if she gets in his way. It occurs to me that there may be a huge market for this kind of thing, now. I imagine mothers all over the country might want to purchase such a book for their daughters.

Because in THE LAST PRINCESS, the girl wins.