The Pitch

13yo Sketch doesn’t believe in fairies. Until a wish sends her into the body of her mother, a faerie princess, in 1507 Ireland. Now Maeve wants her dead and to start a faerie civil war.

Sketch doesn’t believe in fairies or magic. But when she opens her eyes and finds herself in a wild forest in 16th century Ireland, she doesn’t know what to believe. Her best friend, Mary, has been transformed into a four-inch tall pixie with dragonfly wings.  Then the tree beside her speaks before turning into a young woman with yellow and red leaves in her hair. An actual dryad! She calls Sketch “Cleo” — her mother’s name — and tells her they must hurry deeper into the dark woods before the superstitious humans hunt them down.

Now Sketch and Mary must pass as Princess Cliodhna and Marigold and navigate this strange world. If Sketch survives the price on her head, put there by her ambitious Regent, and becomes Queen of the Fae, she only has to stop a fae civil war before seeking a way back home. But according to her mother’s diary, first she must find that pretty human princess with the two mean sisters.