The Pitch

A botched wish sends Princess Catherine 500 years back into the body of her faerie mother, in 1500s Ireland. Right in the middle of a feud between three sisters, a prince, and a glass slipper.

Thirteen-year-old Cat Brökkenwier’s dreams came true when the faerie-folk hiding among us chose her as their princess.  But when a botched wish sends Cat and her best friend Rose back to 1500’s Ireland, the phrase “be careful what you wish for” takes on horrifying new meaning.  With Rose struggling to adapt to life as a six-inch tall piskie with dragonfly wings, and Cat trapped in the body of her thirteen-year-old nymph mother, the pair must survive in a world completely alien to them.  There, an army of ogres threatens to drag the fae into a civil war,  and Cat quickly learns that ogres really do eat children. Soon Cat and Rose become tangled in the plot of a faerie godmother who is not what she appears, three feuding sisters, and a prince with a glass slipper who are all at the heart of the dark fae’s plans. With time running out, Cat must choose between saving her people and getting home.