The Pitch

Twelve-year-old homeschooler, Cat, has royal fae blood and a shot at the crown. But her goblin rival will turn her little brother evil if Cat becomes princess and foils his plans to start a war.

Either Cat Brökkenwier is crazy or she really sees ogres and dwarves living among us. But Cat isn’t imagining the faerie-folk. With the help of an ancient diary and an even more ancient dryad, she learns the fae were real but they mixed with humans over the centuries so now they look almost human themselves. Cat can spot these fae-born because she’s one of them. Plus, her “fae-dar” proves she has royal blood, which makes her a candidate to become the last Princess of the Fae. Just as long as Mom doesn’t find out.

But Cat isn’t the only candidate. Her quest to learn more about the fae-born takes a dangerous turn when she meets Prince Bone-Breaker, a goblin changeling who doesn’t intend to let some stupid girl steal “his” crown. Bitter because his real parents abandoned him, the goblin boy uses his changeling magic to make anyone he touches adore him, and if Cat doesn’t step aside her little brother will be his next victim. Now Cat must choose between protecting her unsuspecting family or becoming the princess and stopping the wanna-be prince from brainwashing all of the fae-born and turning them into an army … to destroy the filthy humans who ruined his life.

Complete at 63,000 words, PRINCESS MATERIAL is a stand-alone upper middle grade contemporary fantasy with series potential. TV’s Grimm for kids, our book will also appeal to fans of Emily Windsnap or The Sisters Grimm.

  1. Elaine Kelley says:

    I think being able to write it in conjunction with your daughter is delightful. I think your pitch explained your story clearly. Since I am just finishing my first novel, please realize I’m a beginner. The thing that popped out to me was the repeated “Twelve-year-old”. I think I would take it out of the first paragraph and leave it for the detailed second paragraph.


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