“I’m not dead.”

Posted: December 19, 2017 in Writing

When I started this blog almost four years ago, my goal was to share the journey of crafting and ultimately publishing my daughter’s and my middle grade novel.  I was determined to post every week. And for 186 posts I was successful.

However, for the last two years, the journey has been “revise, find critique partners, enter contests, query, repeat.”  I’ve written about as many posts about The Value of Revising, How to Get Critiques, and Twitter Pitch Parties as I can reasonably write.  So I’m of the mind that at this point, and until something changes, it’s better to post nothing at all rather than post watered-down drivel.

I have no fresh advice, no new insight.  Unless it is this: Never give up. However, I’ve said this before,too, so it hardly new or fresh.

In case you’re interested, here is the current status of my daughter’s and my book:

  • We’ve renamed it Princess Material.
  • We paid a freelance editor and got some fantastic advice.
  • We paired up with some awesome C.P.s and got even more fantastic advice.
  • We are mid-way through revising the newly-named ms with said fantastic advice.
  • We have a goal of being ready by February, which is when many agents re-open their slush piles after a long winter’s nap.
  • We plan to query and Twitter pitch at full steam, then, with fresh pitches.

Fun fact: we learned from several reliable sources that it is perfectly acceptable query etiquette to re-query an agent who has passed on a full, as long as the ms is substantially revised and you say so in your query.  So we will be eagerly revisiting a few near-misses in the new year.

It is our plan to get back to work on our sequel — and perhaps even another project — as soon as we’ve finished polishing this revision of Princess Material.  Which means, hopefully, our journey will continue and I will again have something to share with you on a regular basis.

Wish us luck. And stay tuned!

  1. John Maberry says:

    Never give up is the winning attitude!

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  2. To never give up and keep learning along the way is the way to get it done and successfully published. I’m doing the same and finally feeling like I’m getting somewhere. Here’s to the process!


  3. Best of luck in the new year!

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  4. Good luck in the coming year!!


  5. Good luck in the coming year! it can be a long slog, but it will be worth it.

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  6. You have a great ‘never give up’ attitude. With a New Year starting in a few days and your book getting closer to publication, I wish you well. Now I need to brush the dust off some old ideas and get back to them. Happy New Year!

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  7. DRNM = dearreadingnichemind of JOHN BERKOWITZ

    Admirable hanging on technique indeed!

    I cannot rehash anything except for giving an idea
    shape and
    appearance and
    sound and
    readability and

    And then let it go.

    There is so much new stuff from the imagination well waiting to pop on the screen or notebook or voice.

    I also cannot re and re and re a human being just to be acceptable to my high valutin’ standards or those of the readership per se who is changing all the time and does not know any better.

    C o u r a g e !
    for NEW start in shining new 2018… day in and day
    out with
    an impish publishing smile

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  8. Sandra Coopersmith says:

    Hi, John. Loved the story when I read the first version so looking forward to seeing its latest transformation! Best of luck to you, and may this be the Year of the Princess!

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